Since 2010

Planning for the Future. . . . 
For your peace of mind, we endeavour to provide a quality service at a minimal price to help you at a time of great distress and need of an assistance. We will work closely with the Mosque & funeral directors to make sure everything is taken care of in regards to the funeral of your loved one.


Ayrshire Islamic Burial Trust
In conjunction with Ayrshire Central Masjid (Kilmarnock)
Registered Charity No: SCO41200


A Service to the Community....


We Provide a non- profit service. and we are the only Muslim Burial/Funeral Service in Ayrshire offering a
minimal joining fee. Mainly for low income individuals who would like to plan for their Islamic burial.
(No hidden costs whatsoever)

· 24 hour service
· Collection and transportation of deceased
   f rom  mortuary.
· Ghusal facilities
· Kafan (shroud) & Coffin
· Arrangements for grave and burial site in        Kilmarnock.
· Arrangements for Janazah at the GCM or           ACM.
· Funeral Prayers at Graveside.
· Hearse and private ambulance transport.
*GCM -  Glasgow Central Mosque
*ACM -  Ayrshire Central Mosque (Kilmarnock)

The Funeral plans is set up at a minimal price to make it
affordable for everyone.
The Ayrshire Islamic Funeral Trust
endorsed by
Ayrshire Central Mosque (Kilmarnock)



The Ayrshire Islamic Burial Trust is a well thought out scheme by Ayrshire Central Masjid, Kilmarnock. which was established in May 2008 for the purpose of serving the Muslim Community in Ayrshire.
In 2010 we established the first Muslim burial site in Ayrshire, within Kilmarnock Cemetery on Grassyards Road, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.


Now in conjunction with Ayrshire Central Mosque (Kilmarnock) ‘Ayrshire Islamic Burial Trust’ Has been started for the residents of East Ayrshire and North & South Ayrshire 


At the Ayrshire Islamic Burial Trust we know it is difficult for many people to make payments of large amounts per month/annum into a funeral plan.  For example in Glasgow (at present) an Islamic burial can cost upto £4800 - £5200 Which is why we have tailored a payment plan to meet the financial situations of many residents of Ayrshire.  Presently we offer a standard community plan affordable for all.  The pricing structure is mentioned below and can either be paid in monthly instalments (By Direct Debit) or a one yearly payment

 Membership is presently based  on the present pricing circumstances (2018). You can pay monthly or yearly as you wish by Direct Debit. We are flexible and very affordable as this is a non profit service and we are a registered charity. These Prices will be
frozen till 31st December, 2020.
Please note: If any funds are surplus they will ONLY be used for Islamic Burials for the very poor and needy.

The Ayrshire Islamic Burial Trust has been established to serve Muslims of Ayrshire regardless of race, sect, gender, or caste differences. We are a Scottish Registered Charity set up to provide that help at a time when one loses a loved one or someone close to them and it is on this principal that this service has been set up.

*Please Note: Price of the similar
Service in Glasgow
Is over £5000 (Sept 2018)

Example of costs involved in a funeral:
Please note: Fees are estimated at £1600 The price increases to £2400 for residents outside East Ayrshire (Prices correct for 2018) This includes Death Registration fee, Transfer of deceased to and from Home/Hospital/Mosque/Cemetery, Cost of Coffin and cost of burial plot/documentation. The funeral will include:

· Collection and transportation of deceased, Ghusal facilities Kafan (shroud) & Coffin.
· Arrangements for grave and burial plot,
· Arrangements for Janazah at the mosque and Hearse plus also
· Service at grave side.

Price may rise but once you have chosen to become a member of the AIBT, you will not be asked to pay any more than the price stated above unless you reside outside East Ayrshire.

Provision of the funeral service and arrangements
▪ Hearse & attendants at the funeral
▪ 24 hour transfer of the deceased to a suitable resting place within Scotland (within a maximum 50 miles radius)
▪ Care, preparation and or Ghusal of the deceased.
▪ Transfer of deceased to and from Mosque /cemetery/ mortuary. 
▪ Burial site arrangement.
▪ Our Imam will conduct the funeral prayer and
▪ Conduct a service at the graveyard after burial.

Purchasing a funeral prepayment plan fixes funeral costs at today’s prices and protects you from
unexpected bills and the emotional stress of
planning a funeral.